Cassidy Brooke is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, song-writer, and composer who primarily utilizes live instrumentation to create music that is authentic and meaningful. She is passionate about leaving a positive impact on the communities surrounding her through her music. 

Cassidy's skill sets expand across the industry. Her background in classical, jazz, musical theater, music production, theory and more makes for a well-rounded musician who is passionate above all else. She is hugely influenced by choir music, utilizing multi-part harmonies of vocals to create full musical arrangements. The sounds of Phoebe Bridgers and Gregory Alan Isakov inspire her, as well as the works of great classical composers from the past. Along with these influences, she also love to expand into other genres, specifically pop-funk and folk. 

Live performance is also of great importance - you can catch Cassidy at sporting events, live-music venues, and art festivals around Phoenix and beyond. She is always interested in meeting new people, performing in new places, and expanding her skill sets to new horizons. 

Upcoming Dates

5/27/24 @ Rebel Lounge w/ Marloma

8/3/24 @ Rebel Lounge w/ Vaishalini

8/4/24 @ Groundworks w/ Vaishalini

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